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WIP Leafeon and Glaceon  by Random-is-ME WIP Leafeon and Glaceon :iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 5 8 Marigold by Random-is-ME Marigold :iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 2 0 Cat's Eye by Random-is-ME Cat's Eye :iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 6 3 Watercolor Wolf by Random-is-ME Watercolor Wolf :iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 7 4 Watercolor Wolf WIP by Random-is-ME Watercolor Wolf WIP :iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 1 0
Mature content
Unspoken Words :iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 1 7
Life is Pain.
In an Endless rain
Of tears .
Countless fears.
Breaking heart.
Words said
Words lost.
Friends challenge you.
Friends become enemies.
No one wants to see you.
To hug you.
To make you feel like you.
And you are left to be by yourself,
Forever forgotten,
Forever alone.
Life in Pain.
In an Endless Rain
Of Tears.
:iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 3 4
APJ Oneshot--'Cold Nights'
The girl promptly shivered as a frigid breeze of wind blew swiftly forward. Next to her, the frail boy shivered as well, not nearly as violent as the girl had. The dark sky sharply accented the moon and star light which both glowed down from the sky, providing light for the couple which walked quietly down the road,  which was dimmed from the amount of light.  The temperature was nearly freezing, which was having some serious effects on the two.
Forgetting his own discomfort and focusing simply on the girl's instead, he asked "Kassandra…Are you okay?" in a rather raspy tone. His eyes rested softly on her face, which was trembling ever-so-slightly, as was the rest of her body.
Kassandra's eyes shifted to meet his for a second before replying. "I-I'm...fine. Don't worry abo-" She was swiftly cut off by another chilling breeze, this one even worse then the first had been. A large tremor of shivers went through her small body which was only encased in the normal cl
:iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 2 8
Excalibur Practice by Random-is-ME Excalibur Practice :iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 7 11 Averon Dragon by Random-is-ME Averon Dragon :iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 3 4 Griffin..? by Random-is-ME Griffin..? :iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 1 0 TJ by Random-is-ME TJ :iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 1 8 Score to settle by Random-is-ME Score to settle :iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 2 4 Spy Averon YO by Random-is-ME Spy Averon YO :iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 2 10 Averon by Random-is-ME Averon :iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 4 8 JonnyXAmber ref by Random-is-ME JonnyXAmber ref :iconrandom-is-me:Random-is-ME 2 11
Here are my works of art and literature.
Favs and comments are both appreciated! c:
I always reply. :D
I like constructive criticism, but not abrasive insults. I mean, who does? :O
Enjoy! (Or not.)

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Theme Park AAML
"Hey Misty, come on, hurry up!" Ash shouted. It was a nice summer day in Cerulean City and Misty managed to coax her sisters into taking care of the Gym for the day.
For two years there has been a building site not too far away from town and now, finally, the theme park built there was having its grand opening. Naturally, Misty wanted to be one of the first to go there, so she phoned her best friend, asking if he would like to tag along.
At that time, Ash has been home after taking a close second in the Sinnoh Pokémon League Tournament. He had thought it best to take a break for a few months, considering he almost never saw his mother or other friends of his from before his journey. After having gotten the call from Misty he has been ecstatic. He had always known she was someone important, someone special. And he has missed her more than anyone else, although he wouldn't admit it, mind you.
So Ash had gladly accepted the offer and has made his way to Cerulean. He had known he woul
:iconmod366:MoD366 16 21
IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE by HastySkitty456 IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE :iconhastyskitty456:HastySkitty456 281 52 My dog Cheyenne by SleekRiverCat88 My dog Cheyenne :iconsleekrivercat88:SleekRiverCat88 4 1 Damien by SleekRiverCat88 Damien :iconsleekrivercat88:SleekRiverCat88 2 3 Albino Sucker fish by SleekRiverCat88 Albino Sucker fish :iconsleekrivercat88:SleekRiverCat88 2 0 Zapped lily by SleekRiverCat88 Zapped lily :iconsleekrivercat88:SleekRiverCat88 3 5 Original Lily by SleekRiverCat88 Original Lily :iconsleekrivercat88:SleekRiverCat88 2 5 My Cat Cali by SleekRiverCat88 My Cat Cali :iconsleekrivercat88:SleekRiverCat88 3 0 The holes of nature by SleekRiverCat88 The holes of nature :iconsleekrivercat88:SleekRiverCat88 2 5 Pinecones by SleekRiverCat88 Pinecones :iconsleekrivercat88:SleekRiverCat88 3 2 Underview of a pine tree by SleekRiverCat88 Underview of a pine tree :iconsleekrivercat88:SleekRiverCat88 3 0 In the splits at a meet by SleekRiverCat88 In the splits at a meet :iconsleekrivercat88:SleekRiverCat88 2 3 MWAH by SleekRiverCat88 MWAH :iconsleekrivercat88:SleekRiverCat88 3 8 Make a wish...Saiya by CloudedCheetah Make a wish...Saiya :iconcloudedcheetah:CloudedCheetah 17 8


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Hi there! :D Welcome to my page!

(That thing in the picture above is my hamster. X3)

I'm Random-is-ME, but you can call me RiM, Kassandra, Kassy(I only allow that if we're good friends. :|), or Averon. Ha, but I don't mind you even coming up with your own nickname for me!

I love to write, read, draw, and color. But I suck at coloring, ironically.

I hate racisim, obsessive swearing, and all forms of predjudice.

I love to meet new people regardless of race, gender, sex preference, or appearance. :) Just shoot me a message if you happen to drop by my little page. I'll gladly repond! :'DD

Have a nice day!



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